Hot drinks



Americano - £2.10 ~ Cappuccino - £2.40 ~ Latte - £2.40 ~ Espresso - £1.90                  

Flat White - £ £2.70 ~ Mocha - £3.00

Have a double shot for an extra 30p

Decaffeinated Coffee - £3.00


Hot Chocolate 


                                 Luxury Hot Chocolate- £2.50 ~ Creamy Hot Chocolate - £2.25 ~                   ~White Hot Chocolate - £2.50

With Marshmallows and Whipped double cream - £0.30




We have a wonderful selection of speciality tea leaves from specialist tea houses in London. 

Choose one of these delicious teas to accompany your afternoon tea, cake or just try it and enjoy the wonderful taste. 


Black Teas - £2.05


English Breakfast combines Assam's malty strength, Ceylon's spicy flavour and Kenya's brightness in the cup.


Earl Grey is a bright, full bodied black tea with sweet fragrance and citrus flavour of the bergamot orange. 


                    Darjeeling has a distinctive muscatel aroma and a floral finish.


Oolong Tea - £2.05


Wild Orange Oolong. This delicious blend strikes the perfect balance between soft, high quality oolong and the bright, succulent taste of juicy oranges.


White Tea - £2.05


Pomegranate Dragon. The combination of exotic dragonfruit, kiwi, raspberries and a hint of vanilla, gives a heavenly taste experience.


Fruit Infusion - £2.25


Raspberry Fruit Infusion. Raspberry chunks combined with Turkish apple, rose blossom, mango and pineapple.


Rosehip and Hibiscus. The rosehip fruit and hibiscus flowers offer a beautifully red cup that is free of caffeine. Their tropical sweetness makes a perfect fruit infusion that has a tart aftertaste. 


Flowering Tea - £3.50 


Jasmine Fusion - A soft Jasmine flavour to caress your taste buds, with a visual display to excite your eyes. Fragrant Jasmine, Amaranth and Chrysanthemum flowers come together to create a stunning floral fusion of colour. 


Dancing Lovers - Two beads of white Jasmine and globe amaranth slowly unfurl from a marigold bed of Silver Needle tea like two dancing lovers 


Decaffeinated Tea - £3.00

Peppermint Tea - £2.25

Green Tea - £2.25 

Camomile Tea - £2.25

Opening Hours 


4 Manor Row, 100 High Street  



Tel: 01580 766696


As well as our daily menu we also offer daily specials.


Soups of the day


Dishes of the day


There will always be vegetarian options


We are open 6 days a week


Monday 9.00 - 16.00

Tuesday  Closed

Wednesday 9.00 - 4.00

Thursday 9.00 - 4.00

Friday  9.00 - 16.30

Saturday 9.00 -17.00

Sunday   9:15 - 16:00






Afternoon Tea

From 14:30 



Sunday Roast

Last Sunday of each month



We will stay open later when there are events on in the town.


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